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Online VIP Coaching

A deep immersion into your dreams


Design a life of freedom, adventure, and abundance!


Ready to design the life you’ve been dreaming of? Excellent!! That means it’s time to take a holistic, spiritual and creative approach to designing your life!

If you want to take a massive leap in your perspective and happiness cutting away months (or even years!) of frustration, false starts and confusion – you’re in the right place.

Having the courage to creating that awesome life you’ve been dreaming about.

Online VIP Day

Writing a new story for yourself – one that embraces who you really are!

Creating more loving and supportive relationships.

Forgiving yourself, your past or anyone you’ve felt hurt by.

Getting clear on how to set up your daily routines so you are not overwhelmed or you start procrastinating.

Gaining the momentum you need to take the actions that will transform your life and business.

Getting the tools you need to set healthy boundaries in your life and business.

Understanding your particular sabotaging strategies and blocks, in order to ‘Action your Belief’ to keep manifesting your dreams.

…and so much more!

This is your chance to work with me on a one to one basis, via an online VIP DAY.  This is perfect if you are, in another country or prefer to do the day from the comfort of your own home.  

An online VIP Day is a concentrated one-day experience where we focus on one or two particular issues you want to resolve (approximately 6 hours which we can split into 2 days).



Pay 50% to reserve your date

(payment in full at least 1 week before your booking

Or pay the full amount to secure your date)

The Afterglow

One month after your VIP Day or Online VIP Day, we will connect for a 45- minute online session for a follow up conversation.

We will assess where you are, celebrate your progress, and revisit areas of your life, career and spiritual journey that needs extra attention.


I only work with people who are…


Ready and committed to investing in themselves

Value and respect who I am & what I am sharing

Open to receiving love, money and abundance

Willing to take action to make a difference in their life


If any of this describes you book a call today to discuss this further.


Book your VIP Day now, just click below


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